Kay and Mickey Lynch gave birth to two daughters - US. Patricia Noel was born in their native city, Bronx, New York, but only resided there while in the hospital nursery. The little family moved to a two family house in New Jersey - Kay and Mickey's "house in the country". Three and a half years later Kathleen Ann was born and the Lynch family was complete.

If you’ve read a K.M. Daughters novel, our parents' names might sound familiar. We name characters in each of our books after our mom and dad - whether they just have cameos, or they have some fun as secondary characters. This way they live on in our pages as well as our hearts.

Daddy was a doorman for the exclusive Fifth Avenue designer, Hattie Carnegie, until her death and the close of her shop. A natural born storyteller, he regaled us with stories of the famous people he helped into and out of the shop every day: the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Jackie "O" (before she became a Kennedy or an Onassis) and Lucille Ball. We extended an invitation to Lucy and Desi to come for dinner and watch I Love Lucy with us, and we could never understand why that never happened.

Mickey started his own paint contracting business in town, and Mike The Painter was much beloved by his clients. In his spare time he wrote children's books that delighted us. He died when we were teenagers and Kay never remarried. After she died, we self-published a treasury of Mickey's charming stories - Three Wishes by Michael Lynch. You can purchase print copies online and we plan to publish each of these three stories separately in E-book formats later this year.  

Since we were young when Daddy died, and Mom was nearly destroyed with grief, it fostered an "us against the world" mentality that lives on today in our special bond with each other. We relish "sister time" and never consider the time spent together enough. 

Kathie married Tom Clare and gave birth to two sons Tom and Michael. Kathie is the proud "Nana" of Natalie Katherine, Michael John, Maeve Anne and Colleen Mairead. Kathie and Tom still live in her hometown in New Jersey.

Pat married and had two daughters, Jen and Emilie. She divorced ten years later. Then she married Nick Casiello. Aside from gaining a perfect husband (in her opinion) she also gained a son, Brian. Emilie married Jeff and gave Pat her first grandchild; Lillian Patricia. Pat and Nick live in the western suburbs of Chicago. 

K.M. Daughters (our penname dedicated to the memory of Kay and Mickey) was “born” on January 26, 2008 with “THE CALL” from The Wild Rose Press offering contracts on an inspirational romance and a romantic suspense novel. 

Since that eventful day we have published eight award-winning novels and three novellas. With more to come…